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Bari Mitzmann

I am a Brooklyn Native who relocated to Henderson Nevada, about 20 minutes away from Sin City. I am a mother of two adorable children and the wife of an incredible man. I love fashion, food, and exercise. I have also struggled with both chronic and mental illness, and I advocate for more awareness of such illnesses whenever I can.

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Let’s face it: most of us are not connoisseurs. When it comes to wine, I feel like the average person stumbles on a bottle at someone else’s house or a restaurant, and that becomes their go-to for everything from kiddush, to celebrations, to gifts, to cooking.  At least, that’s how it was for me. Rashi

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Top 5 Kosher Restaurants in Las Vegas

For all those coming into Las Vegas for trade shows, conventions, or vacation and need great food recommendations, I got you. Warning: Make a reservation or call to make sure there’s room during convention season. Hi, my name is Bari Mitzmann. Las Vegas is home to more restaurants than the local Jewish population could typically

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Fun Baby Gifts Under $50

I’m all about the cute baby gifts. If you’ve checked out my instagram feed over the past couple months, you’ve seen stories and posts with outfits and gifts galore. For many, shopping for a new baby is difficult. If the gift is a surprise, it’s hard to know what the mommy would like for her

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“The Woman of Valor Podcast is going to celebrate what it really means to be a Jewish woman- trying.”

— Ayala Tiefenbrunn Hevria