Dockatot Review

When I was expecting baby Mel, I went through the list of baby items that I had or could borrow, and wondered if there were any items that I missed out on with Yiddes, Mel’s older sister.

“You must get the Dockatot,” they said. I write “they” because numerous Dockatot owners raved about how much they enjoyed theirs, so I decided to give it a shot.

multiple toddler-sized Dockatot box

Shortly after my conversations with the royal “they” a box that could fit my daughter and a couple of her friends arrived at my door. I was pumped. The dock and accessories were impeccably packed inside and the Carrera Marble dock looked both classy and gorgeous. I opted for the toy arch, toys that hang from the arch and a travel bag. All perfectly packed in the giant playgroup sized box.

dock, arch, and toys

After wondering why the dock’s base felt so stiff, I realized that in my excitement I neglected to read the very large printed directions instructing me to remove the cardboard that holds the docks shape for transit. Side effects of sleepless motherhood I guess. I kept the cardboard piece for when we travel in the future.

I placed Mel in the dock the first night we returned home from the hospital and kept him on the bed with me. The always loved the idea of co-sleeping but I was petrified of harming the baby in my sleep. The dock’s raised walls surround my baby, creating a safe barrier between us. I love being able to roll over and see the bundle of cuteness sleeping slash being able to give him the pacifier when he’s not acting like a bundle of cuteness.

the king in his throne

As much as I love having Mel on the bed with me, I love having him in the dock in my husband’s office down the hall even more. The fact that the Dockatot is so easily transportable makes it my favorite baby item to date. When I need a nap, My husband takes the baby in the dock from our room to his home office, allowing for me to have some me-time. We all know how precious the hours (read:minutes) of me-time can be.

Dockatot in the travel bag

I thought that once we had two kids it would be impossible for us to travel. There was no way that I would be willing to bring two Pack-n-Plays with me anywhere, ever. Having the Dockatot makes it easy to travel. The travel bag is sleek and lightweight, and allows us the freedom of getting away for the weekend with two kids, with enough trunk space to fit in our luggage! The travel bag and dock can totally be checked in as luggage.

Mel chillin with his lil arch homies

All in all, we have been thrilled with the Dockatot thus far. I wish we had had it for Yiddes, but hey, better late than never! I also kind of wish they had one for adults. I’m happy I listened to the royal “they”. They knew what they were talking about.

Dockatot, if you’re reading this, please make a Dockadult- I would buy it. Sincerely, this mama.

To purchase a Dockatot, click here.

Note: Dock and accessories were received compliments of Dockatot