Expand your options with KosherWine.com

Let’s face it: most of us are not connoisseurs. When it comes to wine, I feel like the average person stumbles on a bottle at someone else’s house or a restaurant, and that becomes their go-to for everything from kiddush, to celebrations, to gifts, to cooking. 

At least, that’s how it was for me. Rashi and Bartenura were just about it. And while both of those companies make some excellent wines, I’ve recently discovered the point of diversifying through kosherwine.com. Turns out, different wines have different flavors and can change the balance and structure of dishes and meals. Who knew? 

I’m not kidding when I say kosherwine.com is a game-changer. They’re the largest kosher wine retailer in the country, which really allows you to try things out. But instead of just offering a never-ending selection of wine (which they also do), they’ve thought outside the box to customize wine shopping in unique ways. If you’ve been looking for something different for your next l’chaim, this is the one-stop-shop. And when you’re ready to check out, make sure to use the discount code Barianna during checkout to get 5% off your order. After all, friends don’t let friends shop for wine without a discount. 

Why try KosherWine.com?

Subscription Service

Probably one of the best features of kosherwine.com is their subscription wine clubs. Each month, the experts at the site customize boxes based on customer preferences and send them out. You can ask for just red wines or mixed boxes and choose from economically- to high-priced bottles. They’ll take your feedback seriously and adjust your order the next month based on what you liked best. This is perfect for someone who wants to broaden their pallet or a seasoned collector looking for a surprise.

If you’re stuck finding a unique gift for a special occasion, seriously consider signing someone up for a monthly or annual subscription. Think weddings, anniversaries, retirements, and other milestones. Honestly, I kind of wish someone had gifted me with a subscription when I was a newlywed – it would have definitely upped my Yom Tov hosting game from the start!

Mixed Cases

Another fantastic service is their mixed cases. Hosting a crowd for Sukkos? Don’t know which wines to use at your Seder? Want to see why everyone seems to go crazy over rosés? There’s a case for that and that and that and more! 

These cases make planning for an event or Yom Tov easy and exciting. They’re also available at multiple price points, making them affordable as well. Check on the cases page often since the staff at kosherwines.com is constantly adding new ones, like their Summer BBQ Mixed Case, the Israeli Boutique Gift Set, and their Tour De France Gift Set.

Best Service

I don’t know of any other company more dedicated to consumer education than the people at kosherwine.com.  Sure, they have live chat features like most sites do these days, but that’s just the beginning. If you want to talk to a wine expert, they’ve got a hotline dedicated to the cause. Or, if you want to become the expert, their Kosher Wine Academy takes learners from novice to master in a few weeks. 

Just need some basic information to plan for Tishrei or a special anniversary dinner? They’ve got you covered there too. I love their wine calculator – it takes the guesswork out of how many bottles you’ll need to buy. And their blog The Kosher Cork helps with food pairings, so those bottles you buy actually go with the meal you’ve worked so hard on. 

Finally, if all that wasn’t enough to prove their dedication, they’ve got a host of virtual wine events, from winery tours to cooking classes to tasting experiences. These guys know their stuff and are just bursting to share it with shoppers. 

Bari’s KosherWine.com top recommendations

It’s hard to choose a favorite since the experts at kosherwines.com have been spot-on every time I’ve needed something. But if I had to pick my favorite, I’d say go with something from the Festa D’estate Collection. So far, everything I’ve had from them is great–the Festa D’Estate Moscato is the best I’ve had. Also fantastic are their Rosso and Pinot Grigio. Kosherwines.com has a Festa D’estate mixed case, so if you want to give the whole collection a try, you can! When you do, don’t forget: code Barianna will knock 5% off the price. 

Found something amazing on the site? Share! I’d love to hear about other wines and how you’ve made them work for your meals and simchas.