Shabbos Survival Must-Haves

People often ask me how my makeup looks so good Shabbos day.

I don’t put makeup on once the sun sets Friday evening, but I take a couple more steps to ensure my makeup will stay put throughout the Day of Rest. I’m often asked, “What’s your secret? Mine never stays!”

The secret is this: primer, cream, powder, spray. This applies to both the eyes and the face.

All items listed can be purchased via the Amazon links provided. Many of them can also be found at your local drugstore, Ulta or Sephora.

Moisturizing your skin is crucial for healthy, soft skin! After the shower, pat your face dry and apply an oil-free moisturizer all over face and neck. Allow a few minutes to absorb.

Next comes primer. Primer creates a smooth surface on which you can place your makeup. I love Hangover RX because it wakes up your skin and makes you look and feel fresh, even before putting any makeup on!

Lip scrub and lip moisturizing is a necessity in Vegas, because it gets so dry! My lips often dry up over the course of shabbat, but it is much less likely when I use a lip scrub on Thursday and Friday. The sugar gently exfoliates the lips, removing dead, peeling skin.

Some people like to use a lighter foundation. I personally like the light feel of a cc cream. It provides coverage in a natural, non-cakey way, while leaving the skin looking fresh and vibrant. IT Cosmetics has a cc cream that is smooth and smells great.

Shifting focus to the eyes, I like to put an eye primer to ensure that the layers of powder and cream that I put on stay put. NYX makes a great, affordable eye primer. I also love their HD concealer!

An eyeshadow cream is an excellent way to create a uniform, even base color on the eye. My favorite is Maybelline’s color tattoo cream eyeshadow.

Following the cream, I use powder eyeshadow to create a nice combination of shades on the eye. My personal fave is the huge Sephora palette.

I like to do my eyeliner on the top of the lid. For Shabbos and holidays, its important to avoid the lower lid, since it is likely that the eyeliner will smudge. I like Kat Von D’s Tattoo liner. It stays put for the 25+ hour period you need it to.  After that, it may fade a bit but it will not smudge.

Focusing back on the face, I like to highlight, contour, and bronze. This powder palette from Smashbox has all three steps in one compact case. It also contains a brush and instructions on how to use it!

I then spray my face with a setting spray. This step will settle the powder on the face. I do this before mascara, as I’ve seen that the mascara can bleed if you apply it and then use setting spray. I like Urban Decay’s oil-control setting spray.

I feel like every gift bag has two things; mascara, and mascara remover. I’ve tried a lot of these samples and I’ve concluded that my favorite mascara is made by Benefit. It lifts and separates my lashes perfectly.

I have not yet found a lipstick that is long lasting and does not dry out your lips on shabbat. Therefore, I do not wear lipstick or gloss on shabbat. Instead, I use lanolin, a super moisturizer that softens rough skin in minutes. The Lanolin creates a natural, healthy looking pout.

Sometimes holidays are three days instead of two. Those days drive me crazy! I must wash my face! When that is the case, I wash my face and make sure to avoid the eye area. I pat my face dry, and wait a few minutes until I am certain that there is no moisture left on my face. I then use a clean brush and apply a Bare Minerals foundation powder all over my face, but making sure to avoid the eye area that still has makeup on it. (My Bare Minerals powder was approved for shabbos use by my rabbi, as long as it wasn’t applied over other makeup or products.)

Last item up for discussion is deodorant. I know it’s not considered a beauty item, but I think smelling good is more important than looking good. I can’t stand the smell of spray deodorants, and I try not to use deodorants that contain harsh metals. I discovered Thai Crystal deodorant a few months ago and I’m hooked! Just spray it a few times under each arm, let it dry, and it sweetens the smell of even the worst sweat.

What are your secret weapons for shabbos and holiday makeup? Let me know!

XOXO, Barianna