Top 5 Kosher Restaurants in Las Vegas

For all those coming into Las Vegas for trade shows, conventions, or vacation and need great food recommendations, I got you.

Warning: Make a reservation or call to make sure there’s room during convention season.

Hi, my name is Bari Mitzmann. Las Vegas is home to more restaurants than the local Jewish population could typically support due to its conventions and trade shows. As a local foodie living in Henderson for five years, I’ve got my finger on the pulse of the area’s food situation. These are my top 5 picks for restaurants I would recommend you try when in Las Vegas.

Best Kosher Restaurants in Las Vegas

Cafe Express LV

This is one of my favorite spots in town. The vibe is bright, modern, and energetic, and so is the food! At Cafe Express, you know you’re getting fresh and healthy food that doesn’t compromise on flavor or presentation. Seriously, this food pops!

Best of all, there’s something for everyone at Cafe Express, with a variety of vegan and Gluten-Free options. So you can bring any of your friends and all enjoy great food in a great setting. Don’t forget to mention code Bari for 10% off your meal every time.

Recommendations: Any of the Toasts, Pastries, Smoothies, and the new Mango Iced Tea.
Discount Code: Mention Bari when you order for 10% off your meal.
Suitable For: Breakfast, Lunch, Business Meetings.

Note: They are not Cholov Yisroel, but many of their cheeses are (so ask!), and many of their dishes are Parve. Most of their drinks are Pareve, and they can use Cholov Yisroel milk if you ask (there is an Israeli kosher market next door). They even have a Pareve coffee Slushee.

Address: 2521 S Fort Apache Rd suite 100, Las Vegas, NV 89117
Instagram: @CafeExpressLV

Jerusalem Chefs Table

Looking for an authentic Mediterranean restaurant with great food and cocktails? Stop looking and head to Jerusalem Chef’s Table.

Located near the Strip, Jerusalem Chef’s Table is a family-owned, certified Glatt Kosher establishment that prides itself on its high-quality food and great service. While other restaurants get overcrowded with long wait times for food, Jerusalem had been around long enough to plan for the convention times, so it’s the only place I go when there are trade shows in town.

Recommendations: Novid-19 cocktail, Hummus, and the Eggplant Carpaccio.

Address: 4825 W Flamingo Rd Ste 10, Las Vegas, NV 89103
Instagram: @JerusalemChefsTable

Kosher Chinglish

Not to be confused with the Cantonese wine bar next door, Kosher Chinglish offers Cantonese menu items that fulfill my wildest Chinese food cravings. The Hong Kong-inspired menu is a study in textures and flavor contrasts: crispy, steamed, sweet, savory.

Let me be clear: This isn’t your ‘average’ kosher Chinese restaurant. Every time I think I know what to expect, I’m surprised by a twist in their recipe that catapults it beyond what I thought possible. Simply put: I love their food!

Recommendations: Beef with green beans, Chicken with eggplant, Sweet and sour chicken.

Suitable For: Casual Lunch or Dinner, Takeout, Family Outing.

Address: 8704 W Charleston Blvd Suite 103, Las Vegas, NV 89117
Instagram: @KosherChinglish

Burnt Offerings

If the name Burnt Offerings sounds familiar, it could be you heard it recently on the Food Network’s popular show Restaurant Impossible with Robert Irvine. The restaurant got a fantastic makeover, and the already fabulous menu just got better. Think luxury and flavor. And now, you can catch the Burnt Offering’s food truck for a gourmet kosher meal on the go when you’re in Vegas.

Listen. Y’all know Burnt Offerings has my heart. They also have my code for a discount – mention Bari for 10% off your meal.

Recommendations: White Sangria, Chicken Fingers, Lamb Chops, Burgers, Brisket Joints.

Discount Code: Mention Bari to your server for 10% off your meal.

Suitable For: Lunch or Dinner. Dinner Dates, Business Meetings, Dinner Parties.

Address: 3909 W Sahara Ave Suite 10, Las Vegas, NV 89102
Instagram: @Burnt_Offerings_LV

Ariela’s Pizza & Kosher Kitchen

Every city likes to brag that their pizza is the best, but I’m here to end the confusion: Vegas wins. Or rather, Ariela’s Pizza & Kosher Kitchen wins. Their pizzas are a culmination of owner Ariela’s culinary journey and reflect the passion she’s had for food since she was a teenager working in fine-dining restaurants in the South West.

Have specific food restrictions or requests? The food at Ariela’s is all Cholov Yisroel and Yoshon, and the menu offers a variety of meat substitutes, as well as vegan sides and appetizers. Family-friendly without compromising on taste, I highly recommend dropping in!

Recommendations: Pizza rolls, Fries, Onion rings, Mozzarella sticks.

Suitable For: Casual Lunch, Takeout, Family Outing.

Address: 7595 W Washington Ave Suite 120, Las Vegas, NV 89128
Instagram: @ArielasPizza

Other Kosher Food Options in Las Vegas

Smiths Kosher Deli Counter

There is a sizeable kosher food section and deli counter in this particular Smith’s Supermarket. If you call ahead, you can order Burgers, Sushi platters, and freshly baked bagels in bulk. They also have Shabbos takeout, dips, Cholov Yisroel milk, a bakery section, raw meats and chicken, and plenty of other kosher brand food items.

Address: 2211 N Rampart Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89128
Phone Number: 702-258-5200

Hummus Vegas

This is a meat place that’s generally open for lunch. They make their own baguettes in-house and have killer sandwiches and pitas. Always make sure to call to check if they are open and taking orders before showing up.

Suitable For: Takeout, Casual Lunch.

Address: 318 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89102
Instagram: @Hummus_Vegas
Phone Number: 702-385-0006

Prime Nosh

Prime Nosh is a local kosher butcher carrying USDA Prime Glatt Kosher Meats & Poultry. They offer fresh, ethically sourced beef, lamb, chicken, and more, all at fair prices. Think ‘farm-to-table,’ and then think ‘anywhere,’ because they also ship throughout the United States.

Address: 1075 American Pacific Dr. Suite D, Henderson, NV 89074
Instagram: @PrimeNosh
Phone Number: (725) 212-6794