Hakol B'seder Purim Companion

Purim is often a day women try to get through

Let’s try something a little different this year.

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If you find yourself dreading Purim but hope to improve your relationship with the holiday before it arrives, then this companion is for you. The women who contributed to this edition of HaKol B’Seder are women just like you, with struggles connecting to the day. Perhaps one of their anecdotes will resonate, inspire and even make this year a bit less about getting through, and more about experiencing.

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Bari Mitzmann

Yaffa Palti

Shira Lankin sheps

Batya Reyz

Lisa Septimus

Gila Ross

Tali Wohlgelernter

Talya Ohayon Kramer

Hadas Starr

Sara Bellin

Barbara Schiffer

Make this Purim different.

HaKol B’Seder aims to make it a better kind of different.

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Consider sponsoring a copy for a Jewish sister in need.


May this work be a merit for the souls of
Rivka Esther bas Dovid Yosef
Meir ben Mordechai Ezriyel
Menashe ben Ezra
Aaron ben Yeshaiya Ha’Levi
‎יוסף בן יחיאל דוד
‎פייגא בת יהושע
Rita and Buzz Erstein A”h

Dedicated in loving memory by the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of Adeline S. Zucker, a”h, a woman who represented the values of family, truth, dignity and strength; a true woman of valor