Dockatot Review

When I was expecting baby Mel, I went through the list of baby items that I had or could borrow, and wondered if there were any items that I missed out on with Yiddes, Mel’s older sister. “You must get the Dockatot,” they said. I write “they” because numerous Dockatot owners raved about how much …

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Don’t Call Me Skinny

The definition of skinny is “very thin” and is synonymous with words like “scrawny,” “gaunt” and “undernourished.” Since when did “very thin” become a socially acceptable description of a person? Moreover, how in the world did it become a compliment? No, this isn’t a piece geared toward mocking thin people. Rather, I want to get …

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Ethics of Our Bloggers

Back when outdoor marketplaces were the norm, some dishonest business-owners would use weights that were heavier or lighter than they looked to overcharge customers.These business-owners would steal and deceive unknowing consumers. It’s glaringly obvious that what they did was unethical. Fast forward a few hundred years. Deception in business is everywhere. Overcharging customers, avoiding taxes, …

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