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Fun Baby Gifts Under $50

I’m all about the cute baby gifts. If you’ve checked out my instagram feed over the past couple months, you’ve seen stories and posts with outfits and gifts galore. For many, shopping for a new baby is difficult. If the gift is a surprise, it’s hard to know what the mommy would like for her …

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Books That Changed My Life

My husband is the bookworm in our relationship. I’m pretty sure that his dream house would include a private study whose walls were bookshelves. He has convinced me to join the book craze and I’m loving every second of it. I’ve never been one for novels. As much as i love a good escape, I …

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Don’t Call Me Skinny

The definition of skinny is “very thin” and is synonymous with words like “scrawny,” “gaunt” and “undernourished.” Since when did “very thin” become a socially acceptable description of a person? Moreover, how in the world did it become a compliment? No, this isn’t a piece geared toward mocking thin people. Rather, I want to get …

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The Key To A Better Decree

The High Holidays are imminent, and I can’t help but think about what has happened to me over this year. It’s crazy to think that all of what I have experienced since last Rosh Hashana came to be because of the decrees that were written on Rosh Hashana and sealed on Yom Kippur. Last Rosh …

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The Nine Days

The 9 days are upon us. To some, the 9 days are a series of days that frighten us and keep us playing it safe. To some, the 9 days are a time when we try to find learned individuals in an attempt to join in their completion of a section of talmud, for the …

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Emunah and Anxiety Part II: The How

I am humbled by the amount of feedback my article on emunah and anxiety has received. I am also a bit saddened by the amount of people who have sent me messages regarding their personal stories. So many mothers, daughters, and sisters who are silently suffering. Unfortunately, there is a stigma attached to anxiety and …

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