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Hakol B'Seder Yom Kippur Guide

Not feeling awesome about the Days of Awe?

If you’ve ever said that you’ve dreaded Yom Kippur, then this companion is for you.
HaKol B’Seder Yom Kippur edition guides readers through the teshuva process, replacing guilt and fear with redemption and joy.

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Bari Mitzmann

I am a 27 year old who is passionate about helping people. I am a Brooklyn Native who relocated to Henderson Nevada, about 20 minutes away from Sin City. I am a mother of two adorable children and the wife of an incredible man. I love fashion, food, and exercise. I have also struggled with both chronic and mental illness, and I advocate for more awareness of such illnesses whenever I can.

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As a blogger, influencer and podcast host with an authentic, devoted following,  I am selective in the brand partnerships I form.


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Dockatot Review

When I was expecting baby Mel, I went through the list of baby items that I had or could borrow, and wondered if there were any items that I missed out on with Yiddes, Mel’s older sister. “You must get the Dockatot,” they said. I write “they” because numerous Dockatot owners raved about how much

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maternity fashion

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“The WOV Life podcast is going to celebrate what it really means to be a Jewish woman- trying.”

— Ayala Tiefenbrunn Hevria

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